Head Huggers: Volunteers Hall of Appreciation

Here's a place to show some faces and notes about our volunteers. We appreciate you all! While you're reading, please thank some of our donors too.

If you've been making chemo caps and you'd like to be included here, please email us and send a photo or a note. If you'd rather not be listed here, at least leave us a guestbook message please.

The Wesley Ladies
The Wesley Ladies
The Wesley Assisted Living Residence & Skilled Nursing Center Knitting/Crocheting Ladies

Edna Cassell, Louise Pyle, Eunice Clark, and Alma Hofmeister (left to right)
Not shown: Catherine Richter, Anne Hancock, Anna Brager
The Wesley Ladies
The Wesley Ladies
(Take 2)

The Wesley Assisted Living Residence & Skilled Nursing Center Knitting/Crocheting Ladies

Anne Hancock, Bertha Wilson, Louise Pyle, Eunice Clark, and Ruth Saulesbury (left to right)
Ro Cafaro
Ro Cafaro, designer of the Charles Cap (a crochet liner for a baseball cap), and four child's caps, the Kitty, Little Flower, Ruffles and The Princess Sarina Tiara Beanie ... proudly seen here with her husband and Josh Groban.
The Wesley Ladies
Ladies of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church of Rosedale
Audrey Sperl writes: We are currently making Head Hugger hats for Chemo patients at Franklin Square Hospital. We took your pattern for the crocheted hat #3 and added the fun fur and are able to make fuzzy hats which we understand the patients love.

Left to right the ladies are: Irene Madison, Audrey Sperl, Mary Smith and Doris Shoul.

We are currently teaching more ladies from our church to crochet these hats. Thanks to your web site.
Geneva Knott
Mr. Dale Knott has sent the following note along with the photo of his wife:

"My wife Geneva A. Knott has made 608 chemo hats and donated them to Pasco Hernando Oncology Associates in Brooksville, Florida. where they were given to cancer patients under going treatment. She begin making the hats while I was being treated for lung cancer in 1998 and is still making them when she is able. I am very proud of Ann and the effort she has put into this project she started because she saw a need and wanted to help."

These two pictures are sent per request of my cousin, Eileen. The first one shows Eileen (in red) standing next to my 92 year old mother. Eileen is a survivor of breast cancer and she has been making Chemo Caps for patients at the Cancer Center in Colorada where she took treatments. She was back for our family reunion on June 25th and was showing us the caps. Eileen also lost her mom to cancer on Christmas day 2004 and she was buried in one of Eileens caps. Each cap that Eileen makes has the 'signature color' of her mom's cap in it which is the lavender/purple that you see in the cap. The second picture is my 3 month old granddaughter wearing one of the caps. She does NOT have cancer but we have to agree that she would make a great 'poster' ad. Her name is Marcey. I commend Eileen for all her work and to everyone else that works so hard for cancer patients. Since I saw Eileen at the reunion, 2 more of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer.
Sincerely, April A. Damewood, MATURA Action Corporation, Adams County

Junior Girl Scout Troop 1649 from Mound, Minnesota made hats for young girls while earning their sewing badge.

One of my favorite relatives recently learned to crochet. Here she is modeling her first Head Huggers chemo cap! I don't know which of us is excited most about her new talents.

This photo shows Hearts and Crafts members who have made and donated many, many chemo caps to Head Huggers.

Left to right are Judy Watson, Emma Heid, Barbara Hutcheson, and (seated) Joan Cohen. Sharon Hoover (not pictured here) has been my contact person for the group.

These busy ladies also make and donate baby items (as well as patterns) to my Miracles Happen program.
Paula S.
Paula S., a crochet and knitting enthusiast who donates most of her creations to charity.
Did's Amish Country Head Huggers
Most of the 'Did's Amish Country Head Huggers' crew from Pennsylvania.
Bottom left to top to bottom right are Rhoda, Mildred, Liz, and Ruth.
Chris Ricker, their leader, is shown in the separate photo.

Miriam Gould, contact person for the Martin Head Huggers group in Martin County, Florida.

Dawn at DawnLdesigns and Miriam at Martin Head Huggers have developed the idea of the "Dawn Hats." Using our creative talents, we began placing Dawn Dolls on handmade hats for the Martin Head Huggers charity organization, which supplies hats to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Our slogan "Every Dawn is a new day and every new day brings renewed hope" has been the idea behind each hat. We did a trial run of the Dawn Hats in late summer 2013, the feedback was very encouraging. Since then, various Hospitals and patients have written with such positive responses, that it has become the fuel for our souls to continue to bring a smile and comfort to those going through difficult times by getting them a Dawn Doll to go with their hat. Some of these letters have been posted to our Facebook pages.

Please visit www.facebook.com/DawnLdesignsOfficialPage and DawnLdesigns.etsy.com for more information.

Thank You for your support!