Head Huggers: Head Huggers In Use

This is the reverse of the Volunteers Hall of Appreciation. This is where we can post notes or photos from appreciative recipients of Head Huggers. The guestbook is great, but this lets volunteers put some faces to their work.

Please email us if you've gotten a cap and send a photo and/or a note to be included here.

Elizabeth and Sarina are six-year-old twin girls who LOVE to dress up. Sarina is going through chemotherapy. She also LOVES hats. So her Mom asked for one or two of the 'No-Hair-Day Hairy Chemo Caps'. Then her Mom agreed to share these photos... which definitely show why this HEAD HUGGER project is so very rewarding...
Sarina and Elizabeth Sarina in her No-Hair-Day Hairy Chemo Cap Sarina in her Princess Sarina Tiara Beanie
Left to Right:
Ronne and Angela <-- Here's a photo of Ronne and Angela each wearing one of the Head Huggers hats sent to them. Ronne is on the left wearing the purple and white hat with the tiniest bit of brown hair showing, Angela is in the blue hat. Ronne gave another Head Hugger hat to April, a woman who works in her oncology office. April had brain surgery recently and her hair is just barely growing back now, it had to be shaved for her surgery. Ronne gave her a purple hat in the same style as the one Angela has on in the picture. Headhuggers has warmed and fashionably covered 3 San Diego heads!

Ronne earlier posted a guestbook entry saying: "I'm a 38 year old woman, mom of an 11 month old baby girl and breast cancer patient. I'd like to invite anyone interested to read my online journal--keeping it has really helped me organize my thoughts as I deal with treatment and recovery. Please share it with anyone who might want a little insight on what it's like to undergo treatment and all the other things that go along with being a cancer survivor.

Noah Noah is a 28 month old with Stage V bilateral Wilms Tumors (kidney cancer). Noah chose the hat from the famous "Hat Tree" at The Childrens Hospital in Denver. It is a painting of a tree on the wall covered with hooks and children's hats.

The Meyer Family!
Mathew, Ellen & Noah
Kylie Kylie was a healthy, typical 4 year old... up until September 17th, 2007. We brought her in to the hospital with typical virus symptoms... high fever, fatigue, the chills, loss of appetite...etc. 22 hours later, she was diagnosed with Cancer... Leukemia to be precise!

Kylie's fight to beat this disease will last 2 and a half years. Between chemotherapy and hospital stays...it will be extra tough for our little angel. she also has Autism Spectrum Disorder... that's a whole other battle!

When Kylie started to lose her hair, about 2 weeks into her treatment, I immediately went on a hunt for warm & cute hats to cover her precious little head! I had a very hard time finding COMFORTABLE hats that would fit a 4 year old girl and that can be worn indoors and in-between seasons. I searched the stores and the net and found very few solutions... until I found Head Huggers! I wrote an e-mail to a wonderful lady named Kathie and she quickly knitted some cute hats & sent them over to Kylie! Kathie made sure my little angel's head was warm... & so was my heart!

We are now, almost 3 months into treatment and Kylie & I have decided to give back! We have started a Montreal Head Huggers satellite group! We will be distributing hats to kids like Kylie at the Oncology clinic where she is being treated and to anyone else who may need them! We want to make sure parents & their sick children living with Cancer have one less thing to worry about!

Sincerely, Natalie
Proud Mom of Kylie... 4 year old Cancer SURVIVOR!
Kaitlyn Kaitlyn is 5, and she was diagnosed with a Wilm's Tumor, Stage 3 in October of 2007. She had her right kidney removed along with her appendix. She went through 10 radiation treatments and 24 weeks of chemotherapy. She had her last chemo treatment on April 10. She loves the hats that Sue Braman (East Valley Head Huggers group in Arizona) makes her. We have gotten so many comments about her cool hats! The hospital (Banner Desert) is now going to be getting a hat tree too! Kaitlyn will be starting kindergarten next school year and currently goes to Kindergarten Prep. Kaitlyn's favorite cap is the multicolored hat she is wearing with the sunglasses. You all do such wonderful work with these hats and it makes the kids feel so good. We dropped off some hats for Sue at the hospital one visit and before we left, we saw a little girl with one of the hats on and Kaitlyn was so excited for her!
~Tamara K.
Mia Mia
Mia's Mom writes: "My 2 year old daughter gets weekly Chemo at CHKD in Norfolk Va. Today she found the box of hats, she looked through them, trying some on and tossing them aside, then she found "the one". It's like it was made just for her. She looks adorable in it and loves wearing it, which is odd because I have fought with this child trying to get her to wear cute hats or hair bows and she WILL NOT! But there is something about this hat that she loves, maybe she feels the love that is in it, the love that the person put into making it, just for her.

Mia, my daughter, has shoulder length light brown hair, she shouldn't lose her hair with the type of chemo she is on,but we have noticed it thinning. I am so thankful that she isn't old enough to be worried about her looks, I couldn't imagine being a teenager and being ill and having to worry about your hair falling out too. The hats you all make, really do make a difference. Please let all of your donators know that what they do is appreciated.