Head Huggers: Donors Hall of Appreciation

Here's a place to show our appreciation for some of the donations of materials and tools HeadHuggers has received. We appreciate you all!

Coats and Clark
In early December (2002), the yarn manufacturer, COATS AND CLARK, generously responded to a request for samples of their yarn by sending a huge box of yarn. Since many of the volunteers making hats for HEAD HUGGERS have limited yarn supplies... and even more limited funds... this was a very welcome gift. It's nice to know that there are such nice people in charge of this company's business policies.
Fiskars Scissors
August 2003: When I was preparing to start running a class of 10 women at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women, I contacted several companies for samples of their products...to help provide supplies for the class. FISKARS was extremely generous in sending me 12 pairs of wonderfully sharp scissors... in all sizes. Later, I learned that I was unable to use the scissors in the class... so I have been passing them on to some of my generous volunteer-hat-makers, to assist them in their knitting, crocheting, and sewing charitable projects. Many thanks to FISKARS for their generosity and concern.
Singer Sewing Machines
October 2003: Recently, when I started running a weekly sewing, knitting, and crocheting class at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women, I discovered that their antiquated Singer sewing machines were missing some parts. I contacted the SINGER company to see if the parts could be replaced and the company sent me a package of new parts, free of charge, within the week. I received them in time to use them at the next class. From this, and other notes of appreciation on this page, you'll see that Corporate America really does have a heart.
Lion Brand Yarn
October 2003: Several months ago, the LION BRAND YARN company generously sent me a large box of samples of their yarns. There was a wonderful variety of extremely soft yarns, all perfect for chemo caps.
Bernat knitting yarn
On Halloween (2003) the BERNAT yarn company sent a wonderful treat... a gigantic box of their wonderfully soft yarns to be used to make more chemo caps. I was especially touched because the BERNAT company is located in Ontario, Canada. What a wonderful gesture of international caring! Their generous donation arrived on the exact day that I was noting that my yarn samples were getting low... and I was just getting ready to start worrying about where I would find more yarn supplies for my generous volunteer-hat-makers. Coincidence? I think not. Methinks there's a 'higher power' contributing to this project.
Orchard Yarn and Thread Company
In May 2004, The Orchard Yarn and Thread Company of 34 West 15th Street, In May 2004, The Orchard Yarn and Thread Company of 34 West 15th Street, New York, NY surprised me with a large box of wonderful soft Lion Brand yarns to be used for chemo caps. Most of the contents of the box were very soft Homespun and Chenille yarns... in dark colors... perfect for the chemo caps that I want to make for men.
May 2005: Jo-Ann McDonagh writes: "I run the Massachusetts Head Huggers satellite group. Today, the UPS truck stopped at my door and delivered a box of wonderful Chinchilla yarn. I immediately went to their website www.Berroco.com and printed out several copies of the chemo hat and scarf pattern. I plan to make some myself and also distribute some of the yarn to my helpers. Many thanks to Berroco - you will make a lot of heads warm and happy."
Betty and Frank Berginski
Many thanks are extended to Betty Berginski for creating the logo for Head Huggers. Betty is a retired art teacher whose talents are still being put to good use. She became my good friend when she taught me the art of making baskets... not just "any baskets" ...but "baskets to beat all other baskets." Betty also created the logo for my other charitable project - Miracles Happen ... making, collecting, and distributing items for a baby's early needs.
Pat Fort
A heartfelt thanks and well-deserved recognition go to Pat Fort for her expert (and oh so tactful) reading, editing, and occasional rewriting of the basic pages of this web site... including the Introduction, the Submission Form, the Guidelines, and the Brochure. Pat took me at my word when I asked her to be brutally honest in her critiques of my writing... and she managed to make all of the above sound better than I ever could.