Head Huggers: Sewn Pattern 10

Quick & Easy Sewn Chemo Cap

Sewn Head Hugger
Pattern from Elizabeth H. Edmunds, MD
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Hat Photo
Hat Photo

The pattern was one we used for our head covering at night when I was in the convent. That was back in the days of the old habits when our heads were shaved and it could be chilly, especially at night in the winter. We made them out of soft cotton or flannel depending on the season. When I joined Head Huggers, I thought that the cap might be good for people who are bald (not by choice) from Chemo.

Download pieces here (in pdf format)


Cut two pieces of pattern and tape pieces together matching wavy line.

Cut two pieces of fabric aligning lines of pattern with weave of fabric.

With ½” seam, and right sides of fabric together, sew together rounded edge of fabric (top and back of cap)… leaving a ½ to ¾” opening about 1” above lower back edge. This seam where the pieces join over the head should be a French seam so that it lies flat on the scalp and there won't be a wavy edge when it is washed.

Clip fabric around curve of seam and press seam open.

Fold under ¼” of front edge of cap and sew. Fold again to make ½” hem and sew.

Fold under ¼” of bottom edge of cap and sew.

Cut two pieces of twill tape about 15-18” long. Sew twill tape to each lower inside front edge of cap. Thread twill tape through the small opening at the lower back edge of the cap.

Fold up hem of lower edge of cap (about ½”) and sew along edge, being sure not to catch the twill tape in your stitches… enclosing the twill tape within the casing of the hem.

Gently pull the twill tape to gather bottom of hat a bit… and tie into bow.


Grosgrain ribbon may be substituted for the twill tape. Use twill tape or ribbon about ¼” wide.

The cap simply has a hem at the front edge. The bottom edge is a hem through which twill tape is secured at the front edge… and pulled through the opening in the lower back of the cap… so that the cap can be fit snugly at the base of the neck.