Head Huggers: Sewn Pattern: 7

Silk Ribbon Embroidery on Baseball Cap

Sewn Head Hugger
Designed and made by: Susan C.
Hat Photo
Hat Photo
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Susan Cullen made this cap after learning silk ribbon embroidery from books and from various websites. It is a bit difficult to do on the cap as you have to pull hard on the needle with the ribbon to go through the canvas type material. You need proper silk ribbon embroidery (not regular ribbon) with a needle suitable for sewing this.

Anyone who can do crewel needlework or an outline could make up their own patterns.

If someone wants to try this cap they could look up silk ribbon stitches on the internet. This could also be done to get an idea to come up with one's own embroidery stitches.

Note: There are also techniques for painting on fabric. This is another idea if someone has had some experience painting roses/flowers on fabric (like the Donna Dewberry method).

Silk Ribbon Embroidery:

Fabric Painting: