Head Huggers: Patterns List

Scan through this list of our patterns to find something you like. Remember that these hats can vary a lot depending upon your yarn type, color and your creativity! If you have patterns you'd like to add to this list or suggestions for these patterns, please email me.

For flowers, tassels or other ways to liven up a cap,
see Extra Adornment Ideas & Patterns.

Knit Patterns
1 Rolled Brim Chemo Cap
(Worsted Yarn)
2 One Ball Really Easy
Instant Chemo Cap
3 Knit 'Shortie' photo
4 Spiral Knit Cap photo
5 Cold Weather Hat photo
6 Bidda's Head Hugger photo
7 Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap photo
8 Stretchy Knit Hat photo
9 Ridged/Ringed Knit Chemo Cap photo
10 The 'No-Hair-Day' Hairy Chemo Cap
  Crochet version too!
11 Cable Knit Cap photo
12 Floppy Brim Hat photo
13 Flower Top Knit Chemo Cap photo
14 Eyelet Rolled Brim Hat photo
15 Shedir Cap photo
16 The London Beanie photo
17 Ribbed Cap photo
18 Lace-Edged Women's Hat photo
19 Flame Hat photo
20 The Inside Out Knit Chemo Cap photo
21 Knifty Knitter Caps photo
22 Hallowig photo
23 Striped Hat by Zelma photo
24 Melissa's Little Cable Knit Chemo Cap photo
25 Spiral Knit Cap (2nd Version) photo
26 Knit Mohair Chemo Cap photo
27 Stretchy Adult Knit Cap photo
28 Knit Do-Rag photo
28 Hat With Attached Scarf
  6/2014: New Pattern!
Knit Patterns for Children
1 Child's Ridged Knit Cap photo
2 Knit Hairy Hat for Boys and Girls photo
3 Nellie's Butterfly Garden
  (knit hat, crochet flowers)
4 Child's Stretchy Knit Cap photo
Crochet Patterns
1 Easy Single Crochet Hat photo
2 Homespun Hat Pattern photo
3 Double Crochet Hat Pattern photo
4 Joan Peters' Crochet Hat Pattern photo
5 Dr. Mom's Head Hugger photo
6 Charles Cap
  (baseball cap liner)
7 J.T.'s Favorite Stitch Chemo Cap photo
8 Granny Square Cap/Beret
  (includes a Video Tutorial)
9 Front Post - Back Post Brim Cap photo
10 Double Crochet Sports Hat Patterns
  (good for men or women)
11 Loving Georgia Lee Tyler photo
12 There Are Holes In My Hat -- Skully Version photo
13 There Are Holes In My Hat -- Brim Cap photo
14 Crochet Baseball Chemo Cap photo
15 Loopy Chemo Cap photo
16 Crochet Ridged Hat with Rib Cuff photo
17 Crochet Headband photo
18 Crochet Chemo Cap With Scarf Tie
  3/2011: Congratulations to Barbara... the designer of this crochet hat pattern. Barbara's pattern shown here has been published (January 7, 2011) on Susan Ripley's Crochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar.
19 Crochet Flapper Hat photo
20 Blooming Sun Hat photo
21 Bev's Scrap-Beanie photo
22 Crochet Turban
  (includes a Video Tutorial)
Crochet Patterns for Children
1 Kitty photo
2 Little Flower Cap photo
3 Ruffles photo
4 The Princess Sarina Tiara Beanie photo
5 Remembering Gage photo
6 Child's Floppy Crochet Hat photo
7 Baldy Baby Hat/Wig photo
Sewn Patterns
1 Hancock Fabrics Store Sewn Chemo Cap photo
2 McCall's P270 (or 9551) Fleece Sewn Hat Patterns photo
3 Simplicity 5766 Fleece Sewn Hat Patterns photo
4 Stretch and Sew F841 Fleece Sewn Hat Patterns photo
5 McCall's 4116 Sewn Hat Patterns photo
6 Headbands photo
7 Silk Ribbon Embroidery on Baseball Cap photo
8 Headbands with Button Yo-Yos photo
9 Reversible Sewn Chemo Hat photo
10 Quick & Easy Sewn Chemo Hat photo
11 Chemotherapy Turban photo
12 KWIK SEW 3481 Sewn Hat Patterns photo
13 KWIK SEW 3699 Sewn Hat Patterns photo
Sewn Patterns for Children
1 McCall's Pattern 9047 Sewn Baseball Cap for Children photo

The Head Huggers patterns are written to be made with US-sized knitting needles or crochet hooks. Those from other countries should use these conversion charts.

For flowers, tassels or other ways to liven up a cap, see Extra Adornment Ideas & Patterns.

Find links to more patterns, techniques for turbans and scarf-tying and chemo cap sites at Links.