Head Huggers: Knit Pattern: 16

The London Beanie

Knit Head Hugger
Designed by: Mark Thrailkill, London, 2002

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Hat Photo Hat Photo Hat Photo
Hat Photo Hat Photo Hat Photo

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Background: There is a current craze on in London to wear cool, rather simple, tight-fitting, knitted beanies. I think they were popularised most by football player David Beckham, who always seems to be wearing one, and this trend was quickly copied. There were two London newspaper articles (sorry, can't remember which papers) touting the beanies and their popularity, and the beanies are currently selling anywhere from £10 - £20 in the shops and markets, and those are mostly machine made. The handmade ones are going for even more. I devised this pattern to make what I have now termed the "London Beanie." It sounds so sophisticated; really, it's just a tight-fitting cap in the round. This pattern has been tried and tested with teenaged nephews-they love 'em. ~Mark Thrailkill

Thanks to Cathy Casey for making and donating the hats in the photos.