Head Huggers: Knit Pattern: 8

Stretchy Knit Hat

Knit Head Hugger
Designed by: Sharen Stennett
Hat Photo
Hat Photo



All rows: *K3, P1, repeat from* across, end K1.

Cast on 69 stitches and work in pattern until piece measures 9 inches from beginning.

Tip: This pattern may be knit in the round to avoid a seam. If knitting the pattern in the round, cast on 68 stitches and divide evenly between three needles. If knitting in the round, Rows 2 & 4 or the top shaping would be knit (rather than purl).

Top shaping:

Row 1: (Right side row) K2 tog across, ending K1.
Rows 2 & 4: P each stitch.
Row 3: Same as row 1.
Row 5: K2 tog across.

Leave a length of yarn long enough to sew seam. Using a yarn needle, draw yarn through remaining stitches on the needle and pull up tight. Fasten well. Sew back seam. Turn 2" up at bottom edge for cuff. A pompom can be added to the top if you wish.