Head Huggers: Flower Pattern: 7

Gigantic Fabric Flowers

Designed by: 'Snowbird'
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Flower on Hat Photo



Make 6 petals for each flower. Trace the outline of the petal on the WRONG side of your fabric. Layer a lightweight batting, heavy interfacing, or fusible fleece, a second piece of fabric RIGHT side up, then the fabric with the traced outline RIGHT side down. Pin in the center of each petal to anchor. Stitch on the traced line (Leave open on the dotted line). Cut petals apart, leaving a 1/8" seam allowance. Turn right side out. A knitting needle or crochet hook works nicely to 'smooth' the seams. Just gently run it around the inside of the petal.

If you want a leaf, follow the same steps to make two or three for each flower.

Lay out your flower petals and leaves on your garment, making a tiny pleat in each petal. Tack in place. Loop the yarn into a small circle, lay it in the center of the flower and securely stitch in place.

If you prefer to pin the completed flower to your garment, make a small circular base of the same fabric as the petals, using the same technique. Stitch the petals and leaves in place onto this circular base. Add the yarn center, and attach a pin to the back.

Use this PDF file to print out the pattern for the pieces.

Gigantic Fabric Flower Construction steps:
Trace pattern, stitch, cut out, turn... VOILA!

flower construction photo