Head Huggers: Crochet Pattern: 5

Dr. Mom's Head Hugger

Crochet Head Hugger
Designed by: Sonya H. Puckett, M. D.
Revised by Sue Thompson
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Hat Photo
Hat Photo

More styles/colors:
purple, front purple, side
The cap can be worn with
the brim turned back (or not).
pink, front pink, side



Starting with the center top of hat, chain 5. Join the chain with a slip st so that you have a ring. Chain 2 and count this as first st on first row.

Row 1
Work 9 hdc in the ring (or you can use a single or double crochet st depending on the yarn and what effect you want to achieve).
Join last st to first with a slip st and chain 2 which makes the first st of row 2. (10 sts)
(chain 2 will be 1st st on each row).
Row 2
Work one st in same st as joining st, then 2 st in each st around.
Join to top of chain 2. (20 sts)
(End all rows by joining to the top of chain 2)
Row 3
Chain 2, one st in first st, two sts in the next st (increase by one st every other st.
Do this all the way around). Join as in row 1. (30 sts)
Row 4
Chain 2, crochet around making 2 sts in every 3rd st (increase made), one st in each of the 2 sts in between. (40 sts)
Row 5
Chain 2, increase ( 2 sts) in every 4th st around. (50 sts)
Row 6,7,8
Chain 2, increase (2 sts) in every 5th st around. In Row 8, 1 hdc in each of last two sts.
(Row 6 - 60 sts)
(Row 7 - 72 sts)
(Row 8 - 86 sts)
Row 9
Decrease every 3rd st by skipping each 3rd st. Crochet in all others around.
(58 sts)
Row 10,11
Hdc in every st around. (58 sts each row)
Row 12
Increase in every 5th st around. (69 sts)
Row 13,14
Hdc in every st around. (69 sts each row)
Row 15
Repeat row 9. Finish row by skipping final st and then sl st to top chain of first st of previous row. (46 sts)
Row 16
Hdc in every st around... increasing two stitches evenly placed around perimeter of cap (48 sts).
(If skipping row 17, after joining with slip st, do not make a chain 2 stitch.)
Optional Row 17
Decrease every 5th st by skipping each 5th st around.
After joining with slip st, do not make a chain 2 stitch.
Row 18
Shell Border: Make 5 hdc in next st Skip a st, slip st in next st.
*Skip a st, make 5 hdc in next st, skip a st, slip st in next st.
(Repeat from asterik around.) Join with final sl st; cut yarn; tie off; weave tail into hat so it doesn't show.



  1. Cap may be made larger by using larger crochet hook. Crocheting the pattern loosely in dc with a size H crochet hook makes an adult sized-cap. Cap can be made smaller by using a smaller crochet hook and/or by using thinner yarn (i.e., sport weight or DK weight yarn).
  2. Cap may fit better if 17th (decrease) row is omitted. (i.e., Making decreases as in 17th row may make cap too tight to fit.)
  3. You may want to make additional rows if the brim is to be turned back. In that case, repeat row 16 as needed.