Head Huggers: Crochet Pattern: 4

Joan Peters' Crochet Head Hugger

Crochet Head Hugger
Designed by: Joan Peters
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Hat Photo
Hat Photo
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I LOVE this cap, so I asked Joan if she would provide the directions so that I could share it with you. She basically crochets without patterns and makes changes as the mood strikes, so writing up directions is not easy for her. However, she tried her ABSOLUTE best to provide directions so that it could be included on the web site. I would suggest you read the directions first. This pattern should probably be tackled by experienced crocheters. If you think you can do it.. give it a try. ~Sue


"I just start crocheting around and around, increasing periodically. (Those stitches are "1/2 double".) I just proceed as the mood moves me. With that particular hat, I increased a lot before the brim. (My increases usually have to do with how much yarn is available.) When I got to the brim, I changed the stitch to "single crochet" and decreased a lot, in that first row, maybe by 1/2 the stitches. Then I go around and around again until I think the brim is sufficient. There is no set amount of stitches, increases or decreases."