Head Huggers: Child's Cap Knit/Crochet Pattern: 3

Nellie's Butterfly Garden

Knit/Crochet Head Hugger
Pattern Designed by Sue W. Thompson
Butterfly design courtesy of Nellie Siskin
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Hat Photo
Hat Photo
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Knit Rolled Brim Cap:



Cast on 90 sts. Divide stitches evenly onto three dp knitting needles. Being sure that sts are not twisted, begin knitting in the round. Knit until hat is 6 1/2" from beginning.

Decrease rows:
  Row 1 - K8, K2tog around.
  Row 2 and even numbered rows 4 and 6 - K
  Row 3 - K7, K2tog around.
  Row 5 - K6, K2tog around.
  Row 7 - K5, K2tog around.
  Row 8 - K4, K2tog around.
  Row 9 - K3, K2tog around.
  Row 10 - K2, K2tog around.
  Row 11 - K1, K2tog around.
  Row 12 - K2tog around.

Thread yarn thru remaining sts and pull up tight. Finish off.

Nellie's Crochet Butterflies

Follow the pattern for Nellie's Crochet Butterflies to make the butterflies to attach.

nellie's butterfly

Note: This cap pattern was awarded a 1st Runner-Up prize
in the Knitting for Noggins hat design contest
at the Arkansas Childrens' Hospital in 2006.