Head Huggers: Child's Cap Crochet Pattern: 1


Crochet Child's Head Hugger
Designed by: Ro Cafaro
Hat Photo
Hat Photo

Using an I hook, this hat is made with worsted weight Red Heart TLC yarn. It can be made with a smaller hook/thinner yarn to create a smaller hat.

Round 1: Chain 4, join. 11 dc in ring, join.

Rounds 2-4 :Chain 3, dc in same st, * 2 dc in each st around (in back loops only) *, join

Round 5: Chain 3, dc in each st around (in back loops only), join. Sl st in next st, TURN

Round 6: Chain 1, sc in each st around (front loop only!), join, TURN

Round 7: Chain 3, *dc in next 2 sts (front loops only!) then decrease, * repeat from * around and join.

Round 8: Chain 3, dc in eact st around, (front loops only!), join.

Round 9: Chain 2, dc in next three sts, (front loops only!) then decrease. Repeat around, join.

Rounds 10-15: sc in each st around, join. After round 15, finish off and weave in ends.

(If tighter band is desired, an H hook can be used for rows 10-15.)