Head Huggers: Extra Adornment Ideas & Patterns

We'll be adding some ideas, patterns and instructions for various ways you can adorn the caps, like flower patterns, tassels, etc. Suggestions always welcomed!

Patterns and Instructions

Offsite Patterns and Instructions

Knit Patterns
F2 Knit Flower photo
F4 Knit Flower photo
F5 Yarn Flower made with a Bloom Loom photo
Some Adornment Extras
Click thumbnails for larger views
Stars, by Wilma photo
Red beads and flowers, by Wilma photo
Cat and Ribbon, by Wilma photo
Knit wigs, by Louise Walker
  11/2013: New!
Crochet Patterns
F1 Crochet Orchid
  3/2012: Added variations & fixed link
F3 Crochet Flower photo
F6 Crochet Daffodil photo
F8 Crochet Black-Eyed Susan photo
F9 Midnight Knitter Crochet Flower photo
F10 Crochet Flower With Tendrils
  3/2011: Added Notes
F11 Rather Large Crochet Flower photo
B1 Nellie's Crochet Butterfly photo
Sewn Patterns
F7 Gigantic Fabric Flowers photo
S8 Button Yo-Yos photo

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